AeroGrip for MagSafe for iPhone 14

Made for: iPhone 14 and iPhone 13
$38.99 $59.99

We were inspired by aerospace engineering when designing this case and it’s a game-changer. After rounds and rounds of prototyping and testing, we created the AeroGrip — a blended winglet grip with an ergonomic design and smooth transition to feel natural and secure in hand. With 16 ft of drop protection, camera lens protection, and dual-layer construction, the AeroGrip for MagSafe is slim, form-fitting and unbelievably protective.

  • 16 ft of tested drop protection
  • Designed for Use with Apple’s MagSafe accessories
  • Aerospace inspired design for your device
  • Made with molecular recycled material
  • Raised exterior leverage wings for a secure, ergonomic grip
  • Impact Struts technology to reduce impact force
  • Ultra-responsive buttons with a slim, form-fitting design
  • Antimicrobial protection that eliminates and prevents 99.9% of surface bacteria
  • Scratch and discoloration resistan
  • 5G & Wireless-charging Compatible

iPhone 14 and iPhone 13

  • Recycled Materials
  • Recycled Packaging

Aero-Inspired Grip Innovation. Energized Protection.

After rounds and rounds of prototyping and testing on how we really use our phones, we created a blended winged grip, with an ergonomic design for streaming, gaming and capturing. Plus, ample room for seamless use of MagSafe charging and accessories.